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Making a blog or business website takes time and effort. Don’t let lack of legalities crumble your dream and cost you a bundle. Here is an easy way to add required website legal pages.

My Personal Blog

I have had my blog for just over a year. Legal forms are a necessity, but I wasn’t sure where to find them or what exactly I needed. Bits and pieces from here and there were used as I put together the pages myself. This wasn’t very comforting. This continued to bother me as I wondered if what I had was sufficient. It was no surprise to find out it wasn’t! I needed an affordable way to add the legal pages to my site!

A Self Guru

Eventually, I found Amira’s website, called A Self Guru. Amira is a lawyer who offers services to people like us in an easy, affordable way. She offers a variety of legal forms and packages to meet your needs. The best part is how easy it is to use her legal forms. Everything is done for you, except for entering a few words to personalize them for your website. These areas are highlighted and they tell you what needs to be entered in each space. Once done, you download your legal forms and add them to your website. Easy peasy!

Easy and Effective

I chose to buy the Starter Legal Bundle. It includes a privacy policy, a disclaimer, and terms and conditions. With this package, you receive 9 special bonuses for free! I’ve added these important documents to my website and feel so much better. The whole process was so simple that I decided to join Amira’s Affiliate Program. If the Starter Legal Bundle isn’t what you are looking for, there are several other choices. You can even take a quiz to find out what is the best choice for you.

Obviously, I am not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice. I am simply sharing information that I found helpful.

Click the link below and look to see what legal bundle or template would be the best for you!

As an affiliate, I do earn from qualifying purchases.

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