Marie Curie picture book cover

Marie Curie

Marie Curie  Marie Curie tells her story: including her education, marriage, scientific contributions, & awards won.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I knew of Marie Curie but not of the important events in her life and the successes she experienced. This book gives a snippet of her life, making it perfect for children. It shouldn’t Read more

The book Embracing what remains is open with a Siamese cat next to it.

Embracing What Remains

Embracing What Remains ~Embracing What Remains is a daughter’s story about her father’s Alzheimer’s disease.   Short Synopsis  Andrea faces her father’s Alzheimer’s as she is right in the throes of raising her little ones. In his sixties, he goes from being a brilliant doctor to being unable to do even the simplest things.  My Thoughts Read more

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