Into the Lake

💦Book Tour Book Review💦 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💦Into the Lake 💦LK Chapman 💦Thriller 💦304 Pages 💦Short Synopsis💦 💦Into the Lake tells the story of a couple, Natalie & Josh,  trying to plan their wedding while dealing with horrid comments about themselves on social media.  💦These comments drag them back to their teenage years & a tragedy that Read more

Rock Paper Scissors

Short Synopsis Rock Paper Scissors tells the story of a couple taking a weekend getaway to try to save their marriage.  The wife wrote a letter to her husband on every anniversary but didn’t give them to him. These letters are mixed into the story.  My Thoughts  Holy cow! This book threw me for a Read more

woman walking down road at night

Eyewitness 4

Marc Timms provided me with an ebook of Eyewitness 4 to read and review. Following is my honest opinion. Synopsis Eyewitness 4 continues the story of a murderous group of money-hungry individuals trying to get at a relative’s estate which involved millions of dollars. Johanna continues her unofficial investigation trying to figure out how everything Read more

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Local Woman Missing

I waited a long time to get this ebook from the library. When I finally got it, I put aside everything else & got right at it! I’ll tell you what, it was worth the wait! Synopsis Local Woman Missing tells the story from several points of view, alternating between Kate, Meredith, and Leo. The Read more

Eyewitness 3

👀I received a copy of Eyewitness 3 from the author to read & review. Here is my honest review.  👀Book two of Eyewitness left us with unsolved murders and a family mystery. Unofficial investigations, secret characters, and murder kept me intrigued throughout book three.  👀I would suggest reading books one and two before starting this Read more

Eyewitness 2

I received an advanced copy to read and review. Johanna and Marnie continue their unofficial investigation in Eyewitness 2. The murders are piling up and no one knows if there is anything connecting them to each other.  Synopsis These ladies take their information to the police who find them difficult to believe. As they try Read more

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The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage delves into the lives of a group of unlikeable characters. Jessica and James are stupidly happy together. Their exes are the opposite. Cheating spouses have affected them in very different ways. One is profoundly nasty; the other is a kind-hearted push-over, hoping to put his family back together. Amid this mess is Read more

Here To Stay

Here to Stay is seriously intense. A kind, decent man is deceived by a beautiful woman which brings ever-encroaching darkness into his life. This story brings a sense of dread with it, as you dig deeper into this psychological thriller. If you think your family is a mess, this book will make you realize they Read more

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