The Sinner

The Sinner  Short Synopsis In The Sinner, Dee Stephens has the perfect life with her older husband, Reverand Vincent. She is a trophy wife who takes care of everything and keeps her mouth shut about her frustrations, one being her mother-in-law. Her sister, Marianna, lives nearby and has a new baby with her partner.  When Read more

flowers and a dragonfly

Her Daughter’s Mother

Her Daughter’s Mother tells the story of a couple, Lana and Tyler, facing ongoing fertility challenges. They’ve come to the point where using another woman’s eggs for the IVF process is their last hope.  Finding just the right donor is imperative to them, especially Lana. She wants an anonymous donor so there are no problems Read more

woman's head with large sunglasses on

The Next Wife

The Next Wife is a story of two cunning women who are both underhandedly working to win the love of John and keep ownership of a financially successful company; a company built by John and Kate. Synopsis Tish is the typical middle-aged man’s dream: young, beautiful, and exciting. Kate is middle-aged but still beautiful and Read more

flower petals on water

Sweet Water

The title, Sweet Water, and the flower petals on the cover made me think of a lovely summer day; maybe a cute little town on the banks of the Sweet Water Creek. I couldn’t have been more wrong! This is a story about a rich powerful family who come out ahead no matter what the Read more

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