Holiday Swap book cover

The Holiday Swap

The Holiday Swap Short Synopsis The Holiday Swap is a story of adult twins who switched places, making a bit of a mess in the other’s life. They are both bakers, one at her family’s bakery and the other on a baking reality show. Of course, love finds its way in.  My Thoughts  The Holiday Read more

Last Blue Christmas book cover

Last Blue Christmas

Last Blue Christmas Short Synopsis Last Blue Christmas is a slightly romantic police procedural story. Two co-workers who happen to be partners tiptoe around their feelings for each other for many years.  As police officers, they try to solve a case while helping two young boys who are homeless.  My Thoughts I enjoyed Last Blue Read more

The Christmas Lightkeeper book cover

The Christmas Lightkeeper

The Christmas Lightkeeper Short Synopsis  In The Christmas Lightkeeper, Kacy is an interior design assistant for a new hotel in Oregon Cascades, a mountainous winter oasis. Lee is a power lineman who is one of the good guys who is all about helping others. Their paths cross and life changes for both of them  My Read more

christmas tree on book cover

Snowed in at Christmas by Michele Brouder

The Gist A relaxing few days at a resort in upstate New York is just what the doctor ordered.  Both David and Martina need a few days rest.  They both end up traveling through a snowstorm to find the cabins snowed in.  All the occupants stay together in the main lodge waiting out the storm. Read more

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