The Elephant Girl

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕡𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝔾𝕚𝕣𝕝 Pub Date: July 25, 2022 Sʜᴏᴿᴛ Sʏɴᴏᴘsɪs In The Elephant Girl, poachers are killing the elephants in Maasai territory, and Jama will do anything to protect them. She has formed a bond with the elephants, a bond that can’t be broken. What will happen when her ethics go against her people? Mʸ Read more


Book Review ⭐️⭐️💫 Northwind Gary Paulsen Ages 10-14 256 Pages Pub Day – January 11, 2022 Northwind is the story of an orphaned boy who lived in unfortunate circumstances. When Cholera hits, he is sent away, with another younger boy, in a carved-out canoe. The rest of the story tells of his life traveling from Read more

Happy Birthday, Fiona

Book Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Happy Birthday Fiona 4-8-year-olds 32 Pages Pub Day: January 18, 2022 I follow the Cincinnati Zoo on Facebook. I discovered it about the time Covid hit. Watching the animals always puts a smile on my face. Fiona, the hippo, is especially cute!  When I saw this book on NetGalley, I immediately requested Read more

How To Catch a Dinosaur

🦖Book Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🦖How to Catch a Dinosaur 🦖How to Catch Series 🦖Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton 🦖Children’s Picture Book 🦖40 Pages 🦖I don’t know how I haven’t heard of this series. It is adorable. This is the first one I’ve read but it won’t be the last.  🦖Short Synopsis 🦖 🦖The Catch Club Kids Read more

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