What Everyone Knew book cover

What Everyone Knew

What Everyone Knew continues the search for a missing father. Melody takes a job tutoring, hoping it will eventually lead to her dad. Lightning, wind, rain, flooding, and a child hanging on the edge of life and death make for an eye-raising second book in Laura Greene’s new series, A Disappearance Mystery Thriller. My favorite Read more

person with a gun next to a car

Hunt The Judge (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 5)

In Hunt the Judge, book five and the series finale of A Boarding Case Mystery,  Agent Tina James continues her search for her friend Nick, not knowing if he is involved in her investigation or not.  The investigation moves forward as she continues working with Principal Amy to figure out who is responsible for pushing Read more

Grave Danger (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 4)

Laura Greene pumps the tires full with this one!  In Grave Danger, Tina finds herself in the hospital with collapsed lungs after diving off a bridge into the Atlantic to save Ella. Learning that Nick is still missing, she takes a turn for the worse. Her ex, Dale, sticks by her side, realizing he is Read more

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