book cover for The Deal of a Lifetime surrounded by a white frame and a black heart

The Deal of a Lifetime

Right from the get-go, I knew The Deal of a Lifetime wasn’t a book I would love. I waited patiently to check this out from the library, not realizing it was a novella. I was surprised when I finished it in less than a half-hour. I have raved about all of the other Backman books Read more

kindleon table with anxious people on it & two owls for decoration

Anxious People

Anxious People didn’t disappoint.  I can’t get over how this author’s mind can spin to connect all of the characters throughout their lives, especially since they all seem like separate entities as you read about them. It must be incredibly confusing while writing. I am awestruck by Fredrick Backman. People, in general, are anxious as Read more

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