The Ghost Junkies

Many thanks to the author, Elizabeth Rekab, for providing an ebook for me to read & review. Following is my honest review.  The Ghost Junkies is a YA Paranormal Thriller. It basically tells the story of a town drowning in evil.  Short Synopsis Melly’s father passed away, but she somehow sees him every year on Read more

book surrounded by leaves in a tree

Apocalypse, Uploading

Whew-wee-mama! This is a good one if you are into apocalyptic stories. I have read many books in this genre and this one is truly unique. It isn’t the typical survival story. They do need to survive but not in a normal fashion. Synopsis The story begins with a small group of teenagers who are Read more

Newhaven (The Reaper Trilogy, #2)

Newhaven is the second book of The Reaper Trilogy.  Everhaven was destroyed as the contract with the Provider was broken. Abbie, and some of the others from Everhaven, are now living in a little town that is known for its psychics. This is convenient for Abbie since she is part Rester and can still see Read more

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Everhaven (The Reaper Trilogy, #1)

Everhaven is a science fiction book written for young adults and teens, but as a fifty-year-old, I enjoyed it. It begins with this sentence, “The Dead always ring three times.” Abbie, as the Everhaven’s Rester, knows what that means. The Dead have unfinished business and she is the one who helps them with it. When Read more

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