Book Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Unknown Cindy Gunderson  Dystopian Fiction 327 Pages Pub Date November 29 Short Synopsis  Unreal is the second book in the Unreal series. A group of young people, members of the Coalition, strike out to save those they love who are living an unreal life.  The real world is recovering, so there is Read more

Unreal: Book #1 in the Unreal Series

Thank you Cindy Gunderson for giving me a copy of Unreal to read and review. Unreal is kind of a post-apocalyptic book that has society living in numerous communities in 2161. These are the Unreals. Those that live outside of the communities are the Reals.  The Unreals see the world through rose-colored glasses. The colorless Read more

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