Witch’s Bargain

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Witch’s Bargain

The Wailing Echoes Series Prequel


Bella Dean Joyner

58 Pages

Short Synopsis

It starts and ends with a girl, Madeline, learning she needs to save humanity. In between the beginning and the end of the story, she is told Tobin’s story. 

Tobin survived a car accident but his wife and daughter didn’t. The accident is odd in more ways than one. Tobin’s memories of the accident are unbelievable at best and crazy at worst. He saw things that couldn’t possibly be real. 

The odd experiences continue in his home and beyond. He has been chosen for something he doesn’t want and tries to turn it down. Legion doesn’t give choices though.

My Thoughts 

Bella Joyner has struck gold with this creepy story and what better time to read it, right? October is all about the scary and impossible. 

The descriptive language in this story is incredible. Each sentence shines with its own form of fictional monstrosities. My eyes couldn’t fly through the pages fast enough to devour this sinister story. 

I can’t imagine how exceptionally terrifying the next book will be, and I wish I had it right now! 

Menacing forms, strange noises, hallucinations—or are they—and human upheaval. It is like a trip through a haunted house; something jumps out at you around every corner.

Pub Date – October 31,2021


Pub Date – October 31, 2021

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