Witch of Ware Woods

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Witch of Ware Woods

Sonja F. Blanco

YA Fantasy/Supernatural 

402 Pages

Short Synopsis 

Sara is an eighteen-year-old girl that is different from everyone else, and those differences could hurt others. 

She moves to Ware Woods where she learns there is a reason for her differences. The forest is magical as well as the families living in it. 

A dark witch is tailing her as Sara deals with the heat of the community for bringing a possibly fatal prophecy to Ware Woods. 

Along with everything else going on Sara has a little romantic inkling for Thomas who is from another magical family. Thomas’s father has a problem with Sara and causes trouble. 

Will Sara learn enough about her powers to save Wate Woods?

My Thoughts

Witch of Ware Woods is such a clever story. The incorporation of nature is incredibly inventive. The trees are a major part of life in Ware Woods, and not in a normal way. They provide shelter and transportation to the families living there. 

Sara is a tough cookie. She progresses from a teen who didn’t fit it to an amazing woman wielding powers that exceed all of the others. 

There is a bit of everything in Witch of Ware Woods. Sara has a bit of a romance in the works. There are close-knit families, but also some dislike others. There is drama, evil, and fighting galore. Sara comes into her powers and exceeds everyone’s expectations.

I also think the cover is absolutely stunning!

Thank you Love Books Tours, the author, and the publisher for providing a book for me to read and review.

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