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ISBN: 1736809504

Short Synopsis

Windswept is about a British nurse from a prim & proper wealthy family who cares for the injured in Egypt during WWI against her family’s wishes. 

Ginger’s life is full of complications; romantically & otherwise. She fights for what she feels is right in all aspects of her life, even if it hurts those she loves at times. 

My Thoughts

First off, this is not a book I would have chosen to read a year ago. Now that I have a book blog & am involved in book tours, I’ve expanded my horizons. I am so glad I did because I fully fell into Windswept

Ginger, the main character, is a firecracker. She is the epitome of a strong female lead. Even though the story takes place in 1917, she knows what she wants and fights for what she thinks is right. Even though she made some poor choices, I couldn’t help but like her. 

The story itself immersed me in bygone times, with the setting being during WWI. The plot brought together the wartime atmosphere, the differential treatment of women, romance, & family issues flawlessly.

Although this book was 439 pages, I read it in two days. It grabbed my interest quickly and kept it until the end. Even if this isn’t a topic you would typically read about, I would suggest trying it. Like me, you might fall into Ginger’s life with open arms. 

Thank you @anbabellemccormack & @randomthingstours for the book to read & review. #gifted #AD


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