Will’s Awakening

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ISBN: 978-1956994056

Will’s Awakening

Laura Lukasavage

YA Paranormal

184 Pages

Short Synopsis

In Will’s Awakening, Will is an eighteen-year-old who lost his brother to death, and his father walked away soon after. He and his mother have a close relationship, and he trusts her implicitly. Other than that, he is alone.

When Will begins having frightening dreams, his life changes when he learns he is a dream walker. Will tries his best to hone his power to save his family, friends, and the world, as an old, powerful dream walker named Morpheus tries to bring evil to the world. With a power like that, who knows what he’d destroy.

My Thoughts

The beginning felt a little slow, but it quickly picked up the pace and had me hooked. The dream walkers and their powers are so riveting. I was on pins and needles, wanting to know what Will would be able to accomplish during his lessons with Sage.

Will is such a likable character. He is kind, helpful, and loves his mother. But, he also has a sadness about him that makes me want to hug him. Will is the kind of kid you’d want your son to be friends with. 

While dealing with his brother’s death and his father’s abandonment, he is hit with the unimaginable. He is a dream walker. Now his life becomes even more difficult as he learns the truth about his family and what being a dream walker entails. Will he be able to learn fast enough to stop the madness?

Will’s Awakening ends with a zinger of a cliffhanger. I so wanted to turn the page and find out what happens next. I will be snagging up the next book in the Darkness Awakening Series as soon as possible! 

Thank you to Laura Lukasavage for the ARC to read and review.

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