Widowish: A Memoir




I am not typically a non-fiction reader, but every now and then, I find one I’m interested in. This book fit the bill. Melissa Gould made a brave choice sharing private thoughts and feelings with her readers in this book, Widowish. She wrote with her heart on her sleeve about life with and without her husband, Joel.

He was diagnosed with MS early in their marriage. Dealing with his downward decline was tough on both of them, but not as tough as when he ended up in the hospital, comatose, with no diagnosis.  

Melissa sat by his side day after day, while the doctors tried to figure out a diagnosis. This diagnosis led to a Joel’s death and her life dealing with depression while trying to make life normal for their daughter.  

She leads us through her thoughts and actions as a young widow struggling to go on. Melissa is honest and forthright with her doubts and her life choices once she allowed herself to begin a new relationship.  

Thankfully, I have not been in her situation, but I was still interested in her story. After fighting it for quite some time, she finds herself talking to another young widow, which leads to a group of young widows meeting periodically, helping each other out. As the meetings helped those in her neighborhood, I’m sure Widowish helps many others who have suffered the tragedy of losing a spouse before they should have.

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