What Everyone Knew book cover

What Everyone Knew

What Everyone Knew (A Disappearance Mystery Thriller Book 2)

What Everyone Knew (A Disappearance Mystery Thriller Book 2)


ISBN: B08VH85D61

What Everyone Knew continues the search for a missing father. Melody takes a job tutoring, hoping it will eventually lead to her dad. Lightning, wind, rain, flooding, and a child hanging on the edge of life and death make for an eye-raising second book in Laura Greene’s new series, A Disappearance Mystery Thriller.

My favorite part in What Everyone Knew came towards the end as a storm brought danger to the middle of a woods that was usually a sweet little girl’s safe spot. Laura Greene made the scene come alive with a spectacular description that made my toes tingle! I felt like I was observing from a secret location in the woods instead of in my mind. I do wish the story came as one large novel instead of bit by bit in several short stories.  

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