Unreal: Book #1 in the Unreal Series

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Published: 8/3/2021

Format: ebook

ISBN: B0923253QC

Thank you Cindy Gunderson for giving me a copy of Unreal to read and review.

Unreal is kind of a post-apocalyptic book that has society living in numerous communities in 2161. These are the Unreals. Those that live outside of the communities are the Reals. 

The Unreals see the world through rose-colored glasses. The colorless landscape and unappealing buildings turn into beauty with the help of technology. The Unreals make all choices through technology, so no one sees them as they are, except on Reveal days. 

The Reals deal with the hardships of the world on their own. They won’t accept having technology rule their lives. As the Unreals continue to take from them, they end up in a pickle. 

Then the Reals and Unreals meet up through weird circumstances. They learn that everything is not as it seems in the lives of the Unreals. Can they work together to stop the unthinkable from happening?

I totally enjoyed reading Unreal. I find techy, futuristic books. This certainly fits the bill. I can’t even imagine living life as the Unreals did. It is both cool and scary to think about. 

This is the first book of this series, so there is more to come. Cool technology, interesting characters, suspense, and developing relationships make for a fantastic read!

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