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ISBN: 1955286175

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Cindy Gunderson 

Dystopian Fiction

327 Pages

Pub Date November 29

Short Synopsis 

Unreal is the second book in the Unreal series. A group of young people, members of the Coalition, strike out to save those they love who are living an unreal life. 

The real world is recovering, so there is no need to live life through technology induced perfection. That perfection comes with a price. 

Will the coalition be able to accomplish its goals? How hard is it to leave a perfect world? 

My Thoughts 

I enjoyed the gumption shown by these young adults. Courage and love stand out throughout the story, maybe even a little heartbreak. Tough choices are made and things don’t always go as planned. 

I really enjoy the technology aspect of Unknown. Technology altering lives in such a major way is interesting but scary. Unknown opens your world to both. 

Thank you to Cindy Gunderson for providing an ebook for me to read and review. 


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