The Soulmate Equation

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🧬The Soulmate Equation is such a cute story. I am not a big romance reader, but I sure as heck enjoyed this one. It was a love story with genetics thrown in. Adding genetics makes it a hopped-up dating match. So cool!


🧬Jessica & her best friend spend mornings in a coffee shop. They notice the regular customers as they come and go. There is a certain man that they have named Americano because that is what he always orders. She called him a “socially constipated medieval art professor.” This made me chuckle as a friend and I do this at concerts when we see the same people several times. 

🧬Americano ends up being a geneticist who has developed a way to match couples using genetic profiling. When Jess finds this out she blurts out to him to find out a bit more about this service. He offers to run tests for her and Fizzy. They follow through with the testing soon after. 

🧬Jess ends up matching with Americano, whose name is Dr. River Pena. The match ends up being the highest match they have had. That puts pressure on both Jess and River. They decide to get to know each other to see if they will get along. At this point, neither likes the other much. Can they get over the issues they’ve had with each other? Will they be a real-life match? The rest of the story reveals the answers to those questions.

My Thoughts

🧬This was a light, fun read. The characters were both realistic and likable.  Jess is a single mom who puts her child first. That was refreshing! The plot was interesting as it included matching individuals with genetics. It made me think about and wonder if that could ever become a possibility.

🧬Each character experienced negative circumstances throughout the story, much like real families do. Jess has a mom with issues. Her grandparents are amazing and helpful though. Jess has a daughter whose father signed away parental rights. Money is an issue. Like I said, real-life situations. 

🧬The romantic aspects of the story were right on target as far as I’m concerned. I enjoyed the dance! It wasn’t graphic though, so don’t let that scare you away if you don’t care for details. All in all, this is a romance I can suggest to others. The Soulmate Equation is an all-around good book!

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