The Sinner

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ISBN: ‎ 0349431485

The Sinner 

Short Synopsis

In The Sinner, Dee Stephens has the perfect life with her older husband, Reverand Vincent. She is a trophy wife who takes care of everything and keeps her mouth shut about her frustrations, one being her mother-in-law. Her sister, Marianna, lives nearby and has a new baby with her partner. 

When Dee meets a man while on a jog, her life changes. Is this a change that is necessary for her life? Will this trajectory mess with the lives of those around her?

My Thoughts

The Sinner knocked my socks off and blew them across the room! There is so much I could say about this book, but I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll keep it to a minimum.  

The characters are perfectly flawed in this domestic thriller. None of them lived a life of perfection, although their flaws were all doozies. Reverend Vincent was so stuck on himself. I’m surprised he didn’t walk around patting himself on the back. Dee changed drastically once married and became whipped. The mother-in-law was somewhat of a bitch. The mystery man, Calvin, had his own set of issues. Finally, Dee’s sister, Marianna, was dealing with her self-centered partner and a new baby. All of these characters made for a heart-pounding story.

The plot is exquisite! There is so much going on in each character’s life. It is told through the eyes of Cordelia(Dee), Calvin, and Mariana. They all have secrets and baggage they need to unload. They are like the three prongs on a fork. They are on their own paths but eventually run into each other. The ending blew me away! Good gosh, a bigger mess couldn’t have happened. The author did a spectacular job of flawlessly joining each person’s story together. Grab this one as soon as possible!

Thank you, Caroline England, for providing this ebook for me to read and review!

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