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The Shifting: Book 1 in the Terror Saga

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I am a fan of book series, as I don’t want a book to be over with when I finish it unless it stinks.  In that case, I’ve finally given myself permission to stop reading it and move on. The Shifting is Book 1 in The Terror Saga by Nicholas Head. And guess what, it is worth continuing on!

The Shifting is a long book, with fifty-one chapters.  That is a plus for me.  I enjoy books about the end of days and how people carry on. This is one of those books.  Colleen is the main character.  She is a seventeen-year-old girl who uses her stubbornness to survive. As in all Post Apocalyptic books, there are many trials and tribulations that Colleen faces along the way. She has to not only survive but with severe vision issues. Colleen finds some kind people along the way, but also some evil groups who are crammed full of lies that promote their sick way of living. These scenes are cringeworthy, in a good reading sort of way. The Shifting does show feelings between two women, so if that is an issue for you, be forewarned. It does not go into detail or have any graphic scenes though.

Part of the draw for me is the nastiness that arises when people are making life and death decisions that sometimes go against their morals. Some people use the situation to do dreadful things and enjoy their newfound power.  It’s not that I like the nastiness. It scares me. I am cringing as I read, hoping that the good guys prevail. It also makes me wonder if these evils would happen in real life in such a situation. I have a feeling they would, which is sad and alarming. 

Nicholas Head did a spectacular job of adding in some unusual aspects for this genre of book. There are some surprises that I didn’t see coming. It was definitely intriguing. The Shifting is considered a teen and young adult book, but I tend to like them. I don’t care if they are for young adults, and I am 50. I say read what interests you! If Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Adventure is your thing, I suggest giving this series a try. The only downfall is that this book was recently released which means we have to wait for Book 2. 

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