The Plot

The Plot

The Plot


Published: 5/11/2021

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 125079076X

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The Plot

Jean Hanff Korelitz


336 Pages

I have wanted to read The Plot from the first time I saw it on Bookstagram! Although it was different from what I expected, I loved it! 

Short Synopsis 

A college professor and author, with a reasonably famous book, struggles to write a book as great as his first. He encounters an egotistical know it all in one of his classes. This unlikeable young man mentions that he has a book idea that will be phenomenal, but shares only the bare bones of the plot. 

Years later the professor learns his previous student passed away without publishing his book. What will he do with this information? Should he tell this story that he feels would be a sensation? If he does, what might the consequences be? You will never guess!

My Thoughts 

Jake Bonner walks a fine line playing fast and loose with his dead student’s plot line. I went into the book thinking he stole the whole story which wasn’t the case. The plot wasn’t his but the story was. He went a bit off his rocker which I thought showed he had a conscience. My feelings juggled round and round trying to decide if what he did was wrong. Was it really stealing in this case?

This book is as amazing as I expected it to be. I was enthralled as I continued to read and shocked at what eventually came to light. The Plot throws a real zinger at you! I love the unexpected in a book. 

The journey Jean Korelitz takes you on in The Plot is as unexpected as a road without potholes in Michigan! When you find it, you are pleasantly surprised, as I was with this story! 

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