The Perseverance of Us (Us Duology Book 2)

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Thank you Skylar Shoar for the copy of The Perseverance of Us to read and review. Following is my honest review.

The Perseverance of Us continues the passionate, yet pained love story between Cassidy & Harly. 

The story jumps right into a traumatic event for the couple. They are forced to deal with many tough issues & situations as the story progresses. They get through them all, sometimes in ways that infuriate each other. Both are strong-willed & protective of the people they love. 

Throughout the sticky issues in their lives, they stay passionate. Lack of sexual attraction is never an issue. 

Their relationship has an overwhelming dominance coming from both of them. Harly often has Cassidy say that she’s his. They both have jealousy issues as well. 

I enjoyed Cassidy & Harly’s journey into marriage & watching them muddle through mature relationship issues. Life is sticky and it was stickier by far in the Ashbey family. 

I thought it was clever of the author to use the title of both books in the character’s dialogues. It just brought the whole darn thing together. If you like romance combined with a bit of grit in the storyline, The Perseverance of Us will be right up your alley. 


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