The Odd Life of Bethany Sutterfield

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Published: 2/24/2021

Format: Kindle Edition


Book Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

The Odd Life of Bethany Sutterfield 

Amrita M. Ghosh 

Ghost Thriller

100 Pages

Short Synopsis 

In The Odd Life of Bethany Sutterfield, Bethany is a young orphaned college student. She suffers from intensely dark dreams. The story tells her back story and takes us through the unusual process used to help her. 

My Thoughts

This is a short story involving past lives, ghostly intrigue, and time travel. Although I enjoyed the plot, I felt like it needed more build-up and descriptive language to really draw me in. 

The quotes at the beginning of each chapter add a nice touch. I typically don’t care for this, or even read them, but the quotes were worthwhile. I read them all!


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