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The Next Wife

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The Next Wife



The Next Wife is a story of two cunning women who are both underhandedly working to win the love of John and keep ownership of a financially successful company; a company built by John and Kate.


Tish is the typical middle-aged man’s dream: young, beautiful, and exciting. Kate is middle-aged but still beautiful and intelligent. Both women work at the business before and after John leaves Kate for Tish. Talk about uncomfortable! It is bad enough to have your husband leave you but working with and seeing that person daily would be a kick to the soul.

When John dies, the real battle begins. Kate and her daughter have their suspicions about Tish. A new will had been drawn up leaving part of the business to Tish.  Pretty darn fishy! Kate and Ashlynn, her daughter, go on a woman hunt to learn the truth, desperate to save the business and be rid of Tish for good. Will they be able to do it or will Tish forever be in their lives?

My Thoughts

I dug right in and couldn’t wait to see what happened at the end of The Next Wife. I was rooting for the ex-wife, as I’d assume most people do. It is hard to like a character like Tish. Sly dogging into a married man’s life then trying to take over part of the business when he dies was deplorable. My disgust for her only increased as I continued to read. 

The ending was as surprising as finding a $100 bill on the sidewalk. I must say I enjoyed the ride to the end of this book. The spectacular ending was satisfying, to say the least. Mixing the screwed-up relationships among the characters with a thriving business kept the plot thickening as it moved forward. Money can make life messy. The messiness in The Next Wife is what makes this book so provocative. Grab a copy and see who you side with, Kate or Tish.

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