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The Mad Girl

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ISBN: 979-8596950281

The Mad Girl

Short Synopsis 

The Mad Girl is a psychotic ride into the life of Cee. A teenage girl struggling with life is influenced by a subhuman priest who leads her down a slippery slope. 

My Thoughts 

The Mad Girl is an intense read into the madness partially inflicted by people in Cee’s life. Yet, she struggles to live a normal life due to psychological issues. She, in part, relies on others but is also fiercely protective of those she finds worthy. 

A web spins amongst a cast of characters who connect in unexpected and creepy ways. As the story progresses, the murders happen, and mental health issues come to light. The ending hits with a wallop. This thriller is quite an intense read by a brand new author. 

Thanks to Andrew Colvin for providing this book for me to read and review. 

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