The Killing Pledge

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ISBN: 1952404290

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The Killing Pledge

Eric Neher

Suspense Thriller 

230 Pages

The Killing Pledge starts with a killer cover! It is a true representation of the story too!

Short Synopsis 

A small town has a couple of new residents and with them comes a multitude of problems. Those problems only have one solution. 

People are committing suicide as their dirty laundry is supposedly aired. Strange incidents abound. What is causing the havoc? Can it be stopped?

My Thoughts 

Wow! This is a good October read. I wouldn’t say it is scary, but it veers in that direction. It definitely has a dark, evil feel to it. 

The Killing Pledge is unique with its grotesque characters and events. I like how storms enhanced the creepy atmosphere throughout the book. Blending these things makes for an intense plot. 

Grab a hot chocolate and a blanket. Sit in a cozy place at night. Dig into this book. The Killing Pledge is a humdinger of a creepy read.

Thank you Love Books Tours, Cayelle Publishing, & Eric Neher for the ebook and my spot on this tour!


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