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The Keeper of the World

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🤓BOOK REVIEW🤔 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of The Keeper of the World to read & review. Thank you S.E. Cowen! Here is my honest opinion. 

🌎The Keeper of the World🌎

🌎The Element Trilogy Book One

🌎Author – S.E. Cowen


🌎522 Pages

🌎Short Synopsis🌎

🌎The Keeper of the World tells the story of four elements making their way to The Temple of Ratacopeck to save Tungala. They make their way there with the help of a dwarf, a wizard, and two warriors facing the unknown to save their planet. 


🌎My Thoughts🌎

🌎I felt the story started rather slowly. I was afraid I wasn’t going to get that reader’s high, but alas, I did! 

🌎I love how each element (woman) was matched with one of the four men mentioned above. The four pairs had separate adventures until meeting up. 

🌎Ratacopeck was an adventure in itself & probably my favorite part of the book. This was well thought out by S.E. Cowens who must have an incredibly vivid imagination! 

🌎The ending is most certainly a cliffhanger making me ready to continue this trilogy. 

🌎The Keeper of the World is a lengthy read. The plot is well thought out, the characters are interesting, and the ending is superb. 

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