The Houseplant

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ISBN: ‎979-8572918526

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The Houseplant

Jeremy Ray 

Fictional Short Story

44 Pages 

 A huge thank you to the author @jeremyraystories for providing an ebook to read & review. Following is my honest opinion.


The Houseplant provides the reader with an emotional eclipse, showing both the positive & negative aspects of life. 

This story is unique as the plant is telling about what goes on around it. From a place of prominence & splendor, the object of an often repeated story, to a lowly existence in a garbage can, the plant has its joys & tribulations. Will it be able to keep its head above water & survive in its changing environment?

 I enjoyed the power of the plant, as it asked other plants 🌱 for help. This was fun to read about as my son & I recently had a discussion about plants 🪴 that dove deeper than normal into the ole headspace!🧠

The Houseplant is a quick, but emotional read. Plant lover or not, this is a well-thought-out short story that touches the heart. 💜 

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