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The Holiday Swap

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Published: 10/5/2021

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 0593330730

The Holiday Swap

Short Synopsis

The Holiday Swap is a story of adult twins who switched places, making a bit of a mess in the other’s life. They are both bakers, one at her family’s bakery and the other on a baking reality show. Of course, love finds its way in. 

My Thoughts 

The Holiday Swap is a fun Christmas read. It is much like watching a Hallmark movie, unrealistic but perfect for its purpose, Christmas delight!

The idea of twins swapping lives isn’t new, but it isn’t typically twins in their late twenties doing it. They both made a whole lot of mistakes, including some pretty dumb ones where I was left shaking my head. 

I think your head needs to be in the right mindset before starting this book. Go into it knowing it is a Christmas romance with all the silly decisions that go along with that, and it is enjoyable. 

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