The Ghost Junkies

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ISBN: 1736927221

Many thanks to the author, Elizabeth Rekab, for providing an ebook for me to read & review. Following is my honest review. 

The Ghost Junkies is a YA Paranormal Thriller. It basically tells the story of a town drowning in evil. 

Short Synopsis

Melly’s father passed away, but she somehow sees him every year on her birthday & the 4th of July. 

When he doesn’t appear on her birthday she is hell-bent on finding out why. She knows of a tragedy rimmed with evil that happened many years ago in her town. Does that have anything to do with the present?

Her teenage neighbor, Seth, lets her know she can see ghosts. As he leads her to “The Veil” to trigger her abilities, new information comes to the forefront. Is anyone safe at this point? Melly needs to figure out what is going on. If they aren’t safe, can she do anything about it?

My Thoughts

The Ghost Junkies is the epidemy of a good YA story. As a reader, I really had to look at it through the eyes of a teen. This story included the paranormal making it interesting, but not overly scary. 

It includes some of your typical high school groups, including those being left out. Even though the storyline is fictional, it shows how easily someone can get sucked into a bad situation. Consequences can be harsh sometimes. 

As I was reading, I kept thinking that this would make a fantastic series for teens. It would also make a great movie to watch on Halloween. My friends & I loved having sleepovers to stay up all night watching scary movies! Do kids still do that?

I feel this would be a fun read for teens. Probably not so much for adults, which is fine because it is meant for young people. Ghosts, zingy characters, & a creepy cabin in the woods make for a good story!

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