Swipe Right for Murder

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ISBN: B0965VC7T1

Swipe Right for Murder is a typical suspense story. I expect and enjoy that. Thank you to Polly Harris for a copy to read and review. Following is my honest review.


Georgie can’t get over her ex James. She thought he was the one and now he’s gone. Thankfully she has found a friend in her college roommate, Amelia. Amelia goads Georgie into using dating apps. She downloads a couple and gets started, entering her information. Georgie is excited to find one exclusive to her college, Altmar. After a couple of dud dates, she starts up a conversation with a guy named Ashley on the Altmar app. Yes, his name is Ashley.

While the whole dating app situation is going on, there are some strange events happening in the area. They hear about the recent kidnappings of college girls in the area. 

As Georgie’s relationship with Ashley grows, she becomes worried he could be the kidnapper. Talking herself out of that line of thinking, she goes to his family cabin with him for the weekend. 

That is where things take a turn for the worse. Is Ashley the kidnapper? What happens at that cabin? Does Ashley survive? What the heck is going on around Altmar? 

My Thoughts

This was a quick read for me. I enjoyed trying to figure out who the kidnapper was. Shockingly, I did figure it out shortly before the story relayed that information. I am typically not so good at figuring out who the bad guy is! I was quite content with the ending too. The plot was pretty typical for a suspense novel. If you like suspense, I would suggest Swipe Right for Murder.

Publishing Date:  September 14, 2021


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