flower petals on water

Sweet Water

flower petals on water

Sweet Water



The title, Sweet Water, and the flower petals on the cover made me think of a lovely summer day; maybe a cute little town on the banks of the Sweet Water Creek. I couldn’t have been more wrong! This is a story about a rich powerful family who come out ahead no matter what the cost. They are nasty folks! Nasty folks make for interesting reading though & I was intrigued from the beginning.

Sarah is led by the nose into a marriage to Martin Ellsworth, her college boyfriend. After years of living the good life in her dream home, a wrench is heaved forcefully into her life, opening her eyes to the reality of the Ellsworths. 

Her son may have done something horrible. She then does what is expected and goes along with Martin’s plan to keep Finn out of trouble.  This goes against everything she believes in.  

Has her happy low-key son done something terrible and are they doing the right thing by hiding evidence? Events from the past then come back to haunt her as well.  The past is brought into her present, making her rethink her whole adult life. She has her secrets as well, and though she’s tried to leave them in the past, they don’t stay there.  Combine them with the Ellsworth’s family secrets and you have a recipe for danger.  

Sweet Water tells an intriguing tale including lots of issues into the mix.  The rich, the middle class, parental issues, losing a parent, secret romance, first romance, and lies.  There are so many lies.  This was one of those books I didn’t want to put down because I didn’t know what could happen next.  Overall, a great read!

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