Sweet as Honey book cover

Sweet as Honey

Sweet as Honey book cover


Sweet as Honey

Short Synopsis

In Sweet as Honey, it is Willow’s turn to fall in love. She works at her family’s farm with her parents and five sisters, tending to her apiaries and selling her wares at the farmer’s market. Luca shows up to do an interview to learn about their farm for an article for Agricultural Magazine. His truck breaks down, and there is a spark between them.

Luca lives his life traveling extensively while Willow doesn’t leave the farm. She has aspirations of learning more by visiting other farms in various places but doesn’t want to let her family down. They depend on each other. Will their lives come together somehow?

My Thoughts

Sweet as Honey is somewhat like a Hallmark movie. Willow is rather naive. Her family all live close together, some sharing a home. They all have their specialty to add to the farm and stay close to home. The word innocent describes this story to a T. The title is a perfect representation of the story. This book and series will be perfect for you if you enjoy quick clean romances.

~Thank you to Elysia Strife for providing this ebook for me to read and review.

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