Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas

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Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas

Published: 12/1/2020

Format: Kindle Edition


Here’s the Gist…..

Zoe’s job is her top priority which is why she speeds off into a snow storm when her boss forces her to leave her sister’s house and their Christmas celebration.  Pushing herself to drive faster, she loses control when a deer runs out in front of her. She ends up stuck in the cold with no help in sight.


In this moment of need, an unknown cowboy swoops in and saves the day.  She finds herself on the back of his horse fighting through a blizzard to make it to an unknown location.  Once there, she finds herself on Three Mountain Ranch with the cowboy and his ranch hands.  She quickly brings a woman’s touch to the place by cooking, baking, and decorating for Christmas.  She even rides into the face of danger to help out during a serious situation.  


With the threat of losing her job if she doesn’t move heaven and earth to get there on time, what will she do?  Will she stay with Chase, the sexy cowboy, or will she get the opportunity to go back to her stressful life as a Secretary and Assistant to a fashion designer?


The Good Stuff

Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas is a short Christmas Romance that I received as an advanced reader copy from Elysia Strife.  The atmosphere was indicative of a budding romance.  A major snowstorm, being stranded on a ranch with a handsome cowboy, a power outage, and Christmas Day magic lead to a quick interest in each other. Cowboys always add a bit of sexy to a romance! 


Chase was harboring feelings from a bad break up.  So often, the woman is in this position, being held back by past emotions.  It was refreshing to see this happening to the man instead.  


Although the storm brought dangerous situations, it also added a certain level of coziness to the ranch.  When the electricity went out the coziness factor increased exponentially.  The roaring fire kept them warm while they waited for the storm to subside and the electricity to come on.  For me, life slows down when you are snowed in without electricity.  It is cozy with the fire and flickering candles, and a bit intense with a storm blustering outside.  I thought this setting let the focus stay directly on the main characters, without a lot of distractions.  


Say what?

  • This romance happened crazy quick.  Within a few days Zoe and Chase were a couple. That could be a recipe for disaster!  


  • Zoe was quite a skilled rider for someone who hadn’t rode a horse since going to camp as a child. Way to go Zoe!


  • Having no experience with guns, Zoe was an accurate shot in the face of danger. She knew how to use a lever action gun because she had watched westerns with her grandpa.  Watching someone use a gun on TV and using a gun are two different things.  In this case, watching westerns was all it took.



Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas was a fun fast read.  If you like Christmas, snow storms, cowboys, and romance, then I would suggest giving this book a read; maybe by the fire during a snowstorm while munching on a Christmas cookie!

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