a couple gazing into each other's eyes

Stuck At The Beach For Christmas (Holidays On Palmar Island Book 1)

a couple gazing into each other's eyes

Stuck at the beach for christmas


ISBN: B07Z5BZ475

The Gist

Cindy’s much anticipated cruise was cancelled and she was heading back home.  With this fresh disappointment, the fact that she’d rented out her home while she was supposed to be gone completely slipped her mind.  Oops!  This is where she meets Max, an author, who needs peace and quiet to finish his book on time.  Will they both stay in her house and if they do, what happens between them?

My Thoughts

This short story was a fun and fast read.  Cindy was recuperating from a tumultuous relationship with her ex.  Max was fighting time to finish his book and save his writing career.  Cindy was an enduring character.  She brought a bit of calm to Max’s life, which he most certainly needed.  He was wound a bit tight for my liking, but not for Cindy’s apparently!  The story’s setting was mainly in Cindy’s house which made a cozy atmosphere.  

Say What?

Would you stay with a stranger without a second thought?  I sure as heck wouldn’t!  Cindy was a brave soul for doing this.  Max could have been a raving lunatic for all she knew.  I am a bit too cautious for that.  

The Verdict

I enjoyed reading Stuck at the Beach for Christmas.  It took me no time at all to get through it.  That is important when I read Christmas stories as I only like to read them from late November to the end of December.  This clean romance was a delight to read.  

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