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Published: 6/2013

ISBN: 9781490327556

Strangers begins with a horrendous murder and then ventures to a broken family, the Hughes. As the story focuses on them and their American Dream of a life, it is tough to connect the two events.  Connect they do though.  

It is the first anniversary of their son’s death. Life goes from tough to impossible when a killer targets them in a seriously creepy way.  They wake to find themselves locked in their prestigious home with no way out.  If you are like me you’re thinking that there must be a way out of the house.  How could there not be? Well believe me, they couldn’t get out.  I am not going to tell you how because that is a major part of this story. 

When I realized how they were locked in, I was in disbelief.  The things happening wouldn’t be possible in real life.  Then I gave myself a swift kick and thought about horror movies.  Unrealistic is a part of the genre!  Once I changed my thinking, I dug into the story and finished it in one day.  I may or may not have read until 3:00 am.  There are some surprises towards the end and then BAM, a cliffhanger ending.  Luckily there is a second book to continue on where this one leaves off.  It is called Stranger Still.  If I didn’t have so many books to read at the moment, I would go right on to this one.  I have a few more books from Michaelbrent Collings waiting to be read.  I think one of them will be my next choice.  

If you like horror stories, this is a unique one.   What makes it even scarier is thinking of your own family as you are reading about the Hughes family and the atrocities they face.  If you are a brave soul, read it late at night in the dark on a Kindle like I did.  It adds to the ambiance:)

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