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Stranger Still

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Stranger Still

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9798615415890

In Stranger Still, Legion continues looking for people who are worthy of his help.  He happens upon a kidnapping which sparks his interest.  A man kidnapped two people so he could be in need of help.  Legion’s help is not the type of help that anyone would want.  Sheldon is the kidnapper.  He is a man who thinks he is good at everything he does.  These two nut jobs come together.  Who is the best at what they do?  What happens to the couple that was kidnapped?

I enjoyed this book although it took a while for Legion to get his hands dirty.  Bringing in another dangerous weirdo was an interesting way to continue the series.  I was expecting the story to continue where Stranger left off, but it went in another direction.  Danielle finds she doesn’t know her new husband, Alex, as well as she thought she did as they suffer through one ordeal after another.

Sheldon and Legion are men who think nothing of murdering others.  One does it because he seems to think it is his right to “help” others.  The other does it for money.  They are both good at what they do and seriously deranged.  These people all come together and hell breaks loose.  As with Stranger, Stranger Still ends with a cliffhanger.  Michaelbrent Collings is currently writing the third book in this series.  When it becomes available, I will read it and write a review.

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