Sound of Sirens

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ISBN: 191409025X

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Sound of Sirens

Ewan Gault


296 Pages

Short Synopsis 

Sound of Sirens is a story of a group of men working on the family trawler in Scotland, murder, drugs, addicts, and the police trying to solve crimes. 

My Thoughts 

I kept going back and forth as to whether I liked Sound of Sirens. The plot was pretty good, part police procedural and part youth gone wild, drug edition. 

Most of the characters are involved in shady business making it tough to like them. Malky was the only one I felt slightly bad for. He found himself mixing with a bad crowd and involving himself in some scary predicaments. He is a mix of good and bad, like an ice cream swirl went haywire. Good gone wrong would be a proper description I guess.

The dialect of the Scottish characters made me want to put the book down at times. It made reading it somewhat frustrating. 

There were places where sentences didn’t make sense to me, because of the dialect. I suppose it would be clear to those who have been exposed to it, but I found it distracting. 

If words like werenae, foonert, kens, and fae don’t throw you and the plot sounds like a winner to you, give it a read. 

Thank you Love Books Tours, the author, & the publisher for providing an ebook to read and review. 




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