woman in red cloak

Selfsame (Lower Earth Rising #1)

woman in red cloak

Selfsame (Lower Earth Rising #1)


Published: 10/2020

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-2957244539

Selfsame: Lower Earth Rising:  Book 1 is science fiction. The Earth has been reduced to areas called Lower Earth and Upper Earth due to the Final War.  Upper Earth is where the old men live.  Queen Maeva rules Lower Earth fighting to keep Upper Earth from invading and destroying.  Men are dying on Lower Earth.  Genetic Engineering is used to improve the female babies born to the Willing Women.  The Queen and her female relatives are able to hear the voices of the ones that came before them.  They can run like the wind.  They are genetically superior.  The Queen will be replaced by her daughter as she had replaced her mother, and so on.  There can only be one Queen.  When will Ariane become the new Queen?  What happens to the people of Lower Earth as genetic engineering progresses?

I am not typically a science fiction reader.  I got this book from the author through Voracious Readers.  It was free to read as long as I write an honest review, which I am doing.  Once I got going on this book, it grabbed my interest. I found myself thinking about the author’s mind and wondering how a person can come up with the ideas that I was reading in this book.  Maybe what I read is common in science fiction, but I was impressed with the unique characters and storyline.  It kept me on my toes and I didn’t guess what was going to happen ahead of time.  I believe there are three books in this series.  I am glad I took a chance on a science fiction book as I plan on finishing this series.

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