Seems Like Yesterday

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Seems Like Yesterday is a book that encompasses many things. Widows, death, the Navy life, paranormal, friendship, jealousy, marital problems, and men who don’t take no for an answer. 

Danni is a widow who has a difficult time overcoming her husband’s death. Her best friend talks her into going on a singles cruise with her but ends up having her brother Matt go in her place. Danni has a bit of a crush on Matt although she refuses to act on it. She will not date another Navy man! 

Danni and Matt have quite the adventure on the cruise. They meet some interesting characters as they partake in a variety of activities on the boat. Some of these people, I’d love to know in real life, and others I would steer clear of. One of those nasty men is responsible for an accident involving Danni.

This is where the paranormal comes in. I love reading stories about the paranormal. Each one is unique. In this case, it takes us back in time. I thought that was a unique way to go with the ghostly portion of the story. 

You may wonder how the paranormal and time travel fit into a romantic story. Sherry worked her magic and made it happen. Danni and Matt go through a heck of a ride in Seems Like Yesterday. I suggest you take that ride with them.

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