The Power of Kindness

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ISBN: 1955299021

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The Power of Kindness

Author-Ruth Maille

Illustrator-Pencil Master Studio

Children’s Picturebook

36 Pages

In The Power of Kindness, Orbit, who is an adorable talking globe, teaches young children about kindness, explaining that it is a choice. 

When Orbit asks the children where they see kindness in their lives, he gets some heartfelt answers. The children share which gives real kids examples of kindness as a choice. 

The illustrations are absolutely adorable! I love the kids’ big beautiful eyes. 👀 Emotion radiates from them. The colors jump right out of the pages. I am a picky picturebook person. The illustrations are what typically draw me to the book. This is one I’d snatch up in a heartbeat. 💜

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