Newhaven (The Reaper Trilogy, #2)

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Newhaven is the second book of The Reaper Trilogy.  Everhaven was destroyed as the contract with the Provider was broken. Abbie, and some of the others from Everhaven, are now living in a little town that is known for its psychics. This is convenient for Abbie since she is part Rester and can still see and communicate with spirits. Bam, instant job.

After Abbie realizes that there is another town like Everhaven, she knows she has to go back to the Beneath to deal with the abysmal issues there. With the help of family and friends, she marches back into an evil abyss. Ivan has some unexpected moves to throw at her though. The ending wasn’t what I expected!   

Newhaven brought the real world into the picture as well as taking us back to the Underneath for a roust with Ivan. I enjoyed this book as much as the first one. Abbie continues to be a spitfire. Some of the relationships become more intense and others fizzle a bit. Abbie and her crew try to right the many wrongs in Newhaven. Do they accomplish their goal? I can’t wait for the third book so I can find out what happens to this intriguing group of people and non-people!

Also, check out the cover. I am one who judges a book by its cover. Newhaven passes the test!

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