Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever


ISBN: 9780062855329

Never Have I Ever took me on one crazy ride!  It starts out with a perfectly normal blended family.  Amy goes about her daily routine as most of us would. She is quite the organized housewife and mother.  The neighborhood book club lets her sip a bit of wine, gossip with the girls, and even discuss books a bit.  Then, with an unexpected knock at the door, Angelica blew into the book club like a north wind, which was the beginning of Amy’s downfall. 

To make things worse, Angelica’s son and Amy’s step-daughter became close friends.  Amy had to find out the truth and she roared ahead with the skills of a seasoned detective.  Where did Angelica come from?  Are the stories she tells true?  Are there secrets that need to be heard?

You will find all of the answers if you read Never Have I Ever.  What began as a drunken game of Never Have I Ever at a book club meeting turned dark.  The suspense throughout the book kept me guessing, and let me tell you, my guesses were wrong.  Surprise after surprise continued on until the ending   This book was well written and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a great mind bender.

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