Murders At Blackwaterfoot

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Murders at Blackwaterfoot

Miller Caldwell

Murder Thriller

Novella 189 Pages

Murders at Blackwaterfoot is about three murders that happen on an island in Scotland where this kind of thing never happens. 

Along with this, we follow the life of Constable Rory Murdoch. He suddenly has three murders in his neck of the woods and no experience solving them. 

Rory is widowed and has a teen daughter with spina bifida. Her mother died giving birth to her so her care is on his plate. 

My Thoughts 

Murders at Blackwaterfoot is a quick read. It almost feels like you are part of this island community as you read. The love between father and daughter is a special touch. 

Rory is a good man who is down to earth and loves his daughter. He has a jackass of a boss who is forever putting him down and is not at all sympathetic about his daughter’s needs. Many can relate, I am sure!

The plot flowed well. It was evident the author knew the area well. I enjoyed learning a bit about Scotland. 

This story was as much about Rory’s life as it was about the murders. The murders weren’t gruesome and I loved how the cases were solved. 

The little guy wins in so many ways by the time the story ends. I love the outcome. 

Thank you to Love Books Tours, the author, and the publisher for a spot on this tour and for providing an ebook to read and review. 

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