a girl in the woods with a moon behind her

Moonlight Secrets

a girl in the woods

ISBN: 1649526075

I received an ebook copy of Moonlight Secrets from Laura Lukasavage to read and review. Thank you!  Below is my honest review.

Short Synopsis

Moonlight Secrets tells Amberly’s story, a story of love & loss. A coming-of-age fantasy including witches, shape shifters, and other mysterious beings fighting off evil. 

My Thoughts

Moonlight Secrets knocked my socks off from the get-go! Witches, shape shifters, & the main character, Amberly, who is the first to be both. 

As the teens deal with serious issues, they also face typical teenage problems. Budding love brings its own problems to the story. At times, I wanted to burst into the story & tell Amberly who she should hook up with!

Moonlight Secrets is told from several characters’ viewpoints, but that didn’t make it confusing. The characters all had distinct personalities; some likable & some not so likable. I thought the plot was different & kept me glued to the book. 

I couldn’t put this book down & jumped right into book two once I finished it. If you like YA fantasy & romance, this is one for you!


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