two teenage boys and a white wolf in the woods

Moonlight Changes (Dark Inheritance, #2)

2 teenage boys and a white wolf in the woods

Moonlight Changes


Published: 3/31/2021

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 1736690515

I received an ebook of Moonlight Changes from the author to read and review. Thank you! Following is my honest review. 

Short Synopsis

Witches & shape shifters unite & prepare to fight evil in Moonlight Changes. Three people with powerful abilities show up to help, providing training & information. 

Amberly learns more about her family & her abilities. She makes a tough decision about her love life as well. She sees the evil that is headed their way as she sleeps. 

My Thoughts

I loved Moonlight Changes! A lot of Amberly’s family history comes to light making her even spunkier than in book one! I get a kick out of her plucky attitude. 

The fantasy aspect is adventurous & the romance seamlessly blends into it. The romance is mild & kept behind closed doors between the teens. 

I have to throw in some kudos for the cover art as well. It grabs the eye & is the perfect representation of the story. 

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