Lying Next to Me

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Lying Next to Me starts out with a seemingly normal family enjoying a vacation in a cute little cabin on the beach.  The trip turns into a nightmare when Sophie, Adam’s wife, is kidnapped in broad daylight, right in front of Adam and Aubrey.  

Adam goes on with his life dealing with the police, work, his awful in-laws, and life in general.  I found myself disliking this guy.  Although you’d think I would feel sorry for a man in his position, other areas of his life made me cringe.  His father-in-law is sure he is to blame.  His mother-in-law lives in the background with her husband going so far as to talk for her most of the time.  One of the officers is a childhood acquaintance that Adam has a rather interesting history with. The others staying in nearby cabins during the abduction are little help.  All of this takes the reader for a ride!  

Adam seems like an innocent man.  His wife is ripped from his life and he is left to pick up the pieces.  Of course, it is a normal reaction to feel for the person.  Does he deserve sympathy?  He does act rather odd at times during the investigation.  Is it because he is upset?  Is his jerkish behavior a way of coping or is there more to it?   Let the clues lead you to the answers.  Lying Next to Me is an excellent read.  See if you can figure out the ending before it happens.  

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