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Love and Other Sins

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Published: 10/19/2021

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1736814024

Love and Other Sins

Short Synopsis

Love and Other Sins tells the story of two teenagers with emotional baggage. One is of Russian descent and is a bit of a loner. The other grew up in the foster system, where he suffered unimaginably. The two meet, and there is a connection. Will they be able to open up to each other and make a relationship work?

My Thoughts

Love and Other Sins is a bit different from other coming-of-age stories I’ve read.  How? The characters both have emotional baggage that is beyond most teens. Adding multicultural characters, the foster system, and abuse makes this book stand out.

Mina is complicated. She is quiet, stays to herself, and follows the rules. She takes AP classes and loves her mother. Oliver is confident on the outside but damaged on the inside. He is an emancipated seventeen-year-old who has never been shown love. Now he’s starting a new life in a new place, determined to do well.

The plot is rather shallow. It revolves around the possible relationship between these two and the issues that keep them apart. Mina’s father causes problems for her and her mother due to borrowing money and not paying it back on time. That comes up again and again as the story progresses, but not much is shared pertaining to her dad. 

The ole miscommunication trope is definitely a part of the story as they struggle with life and the possibility of a relationship. Trust is hard to earn through both of their eyes. 

I thought I was done with the book as it seemed to be a great ending. Then boom, a cliffhanger. I usually don’t mind them, as I know I have another book coming to answer my questions, but this left me feeling a bit off. I don’t know if I like it. 

I would suggest this to those of you that enjoy coming-of-life stories that mainly revolve around the couple in question. Know that there is mention of child abuse, sexual abuse, violence, and sex. None of it goes into detail though. 

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