Lingering book cover


Lingering book cover



Short Synopsis

In Lingering, a couple finally finds a house after hunting for longer than planned. Paul and Christy are enthralled with the sixteenth-century cottage with its oddly laid add-ons. 

Unexpectedly, Christy learns of her father’s stroke and feels she needs to care for him until finding help for him, even though he abused her as a child. Being in her childhood home brings back memories of the abuse and her mother who left her. 

While she is gone, Paul deals with the unknown in their new house as he settles in. He doesn’t want to believe that it can be anything other than his mind playing tricks, but he can’t continue to feel that way after unexplained things continue to happen. 

After Christy returns home, the events get worse. They have to deal with the problem. Will they be able to stay in their home, or is it too dangerous?

My Thoughts

Lingering is a good read. I treat horror stories as I do horror movies. They typically have some unbelievable aspects, but that is what I expect and love about them.

I think my favorite character was the couple’s dog, Maggie. Paul was pretty realistic as he wanted to explain away the strange happenings and keep them from his wife. However, I didn’t feel Christy was likable. She was t and a blunt and no-nonsense kind of woman, yet she looked the problem in the face and slapped it! 

Overall, Lingering is a ghost story that is fun to read. I did figure out what resided upstairs early on, but I still enjoyed the ride. This book would be a good spooky season read.

Thank you to Henry Roi, the author, and the publisher for providing this ebook for me to read and review.

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